Understanding the Crucial Searches to Consider during Conveyancing

If you are planning on purchasing a new home, you should think about hiring a professional for the conveyancing process. Professional conveyancing refers to the process through which the title for the pertinent property is transferred to you. Some people choose to exchange contracts and settle without the intervention of a real estate conveyancer or a solicitor. 

However, this DIY option is not advisable because you might miss out on important details before confirming the sale. For instance, legal searches are not often considered by home buyers. These searches are designed to reveal if there is any problem which could arise in the property ownership. Here are the most important searches that you should inquire about during conveyancing:

Local Authority Search

You should know whether there any legal issues which could affect your property ownership from the local council. This board is responsible for controlling development. Therefore, a search will reveal some important facts. For example, you will know whether the planning permit for the property structures was provided for legal construction. You should also inquire about the building control history, tree preservation orders, development restrictions and any enforcement order.

Environment Search

Some properties present significant risk factors because of the environment in which they are situated. Therefore, if you purchase the land without the details, you will find yourself spending a lot of money on remediation of the problem. For instance, you should know whether the building is on land which is considered contaminated. Lack of information can lead to unfortunate exposure to hazards. You should also ask for radon gas information, and take note of pollution notices and any information related to the conservation of the area.

Drainage and Water

Your conveyancer should obtain information from the water and sewage utility providers in the area to ensure that there are no related problems which will affect your new property. In general, you should inquire about the location of the sewers in the locality. The proximity of the public sewers can present significant problems if the lines are damaged. A sewer running through your property should be considered because it can impede major developments. Also, you should get general details on the water systems running through your property and its possible implications.

Flood Search

Finally, you should request for a flood report. As implied, this report outlines the details on the possibility of the property getting flooded in the future. This search is important if you are planning on purchasing a home close to a river, ocean or lake. 

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